27.January 2022


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Baltic Express LV mission, vision, values

08.December 2021


Our mission is now clear and complete: “To create supportive environment that encourages a collective aspiration for excellence and inspiring attitude, resulting in a high-quality service to our partners and customers”. As the priorities are changing due to conjuncture in the world, Baltic Express LV decided to amplify our company’s mission, which includes itself holistic …

Our historical development

02.December 2021


Over these 17 years, we have not only achieved visible results in a turnover, developing in different areas of business, developing new divisions, and involving new progressive logistics technologies for our clients. We also passed through crises that required a lot of effort and faith in our vision. Developed together with the company, each member …

New look, new logo, new website

22.December 2020


Rebranding – new logo and website This year is a year of change, we have made improvements not only in our work, but also in our appearance. Continuing our development, the company has decided to make major changes in our appearance and information flow to our customers. The first step was to change the logo, …


21.December 2020


This year was difficult, but our productive team has developed a new line in the company Baltic Express LV in a short period of time, and during the year it has transported more than 1,500 cargoes from Great Britain, offering our customers: Import and Export groupage shipments in the direction of Great Britain Full freight …

Finland, a new direction of development

21.August 2020


Thinking about the needs of our customers, we have launched and developing new direction, now we also offer our customers groupage transport from Finland. Now we offer our customers: Import and Export groupage cargo deliveries in the direction of Finland Full cargo deliveries Freight delivery speed starting from 1 working day Cargo consolidation

Russia – new opportunities for our clients

22.December 2018


From 2018, we offer our customers to develop themselves in the Russian market, offering one of the best cargo delivery services in the market. We started weekly cargo transportation to Moscow, as well as provide our customers with the opportunity to make deliveries to St. Petersburg and other cities. In order to facilitate the cargo …

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