Freight transport by road in the European Union

As it is known, the main foreign trade partner of the Baltic countries is the European Union. In addition, sufficiently large flow of transit goods passes through the Baltic States, coming from Europe to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Central Asian republics, which makes the service of road transport from the EU to the Baltic States very marketable. Therefore, the EU is the most significant and developed region for our company not by accident. Weekly dozens of our trucks are loaded with full and groupage cargo according to schedule to deliver the goods of our customers in time! A more detailed schedule can be found by selecting the country you are interested in the section interactive map.

Special attention is given to the organization of our service of groupage cargo. Baltic Express LV has a broad network of partners across Europe that allows you consolidating small loads in large quantities in a short time at the European warehouses, collecting and delivering the goods in small cars with a lift from those/to those companies which need it and drive into places, where a big van cannot get, issuing export declarations (EX1) in the country of the sender, as well as providing service of intra-European traffic. We have more than one terminal in the most developed EU countries. This reduces the cost and time for collection/delivery of cargo, as well as allows us offering competitive prices for very small loads, which are often delivered by express services. We have specialized terminals to improve the level of service on certain specific (but common) goods. Such a service we can offer to the companies who import the tiles from the most popular regions – the manufacturers of ceramic products in Spain and Italy.

Own and borrowed on a permanent contract base transport with mounted sensors of GPS allows you controlling the movement of the vehicle on all the way to its destination and providing information to the customer about the whereabouts of his cargo at any time.

Wide coverage of main countries of Europe gives us the opportunity to pick up directly large, fragile or expensive goods in order to avoid unnecessary reloading and reduce the risk of damage during transportation.

Also, it should be noted our more than 15-year experience in this field. Delivery of groupage cargo is a complex logistics process, which requires qualified personnel you can entrust your cargo transportation for quality performance of it!

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