Freight transport by road in Latvia

Because of our geographical location, the majority of our customers locates in Latvia, thus, Baltic Express LV spent a lot of efforts to organize intra-Latvian service. First of all, it is the quality of the warehouse and local distribution. Our company opened a new warehouse in 2013 to improve the system of deliveries. It is located in a strategically convenient place near the South Bridge. This warehouse has a ramp, enclosed area, twenty-four-hour physical security, video surveillance system, modern equipment and flexible work schedule. This allowed us not only accelerating the process of reloading on the main terminal of Baltic Express LV, but also expanding the list of proposed logistics services to our customers – you can read more about its in the section warehouse services.Mainly 6-7 meter long cars with a lift and pallet jack are used to deliver goods to our customers in Latvia, which makes possible the delivery of goods to recipients even without freight equipment or a ramp. If necessary, our drivers can help the recipient to carry goods in the room. Also, we can make delivery in Latvia by other means of vehicles – from a small minibus to truck!

All this allows us daily delivering hundreds of goods to final recipients in Riga and Riga district on the day of arrival in Latvia international cars from other countries.

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