Effective Delivery of Groupage Cargo by Road

If you need delivery of goods in Europe, Russia and the CIS, the choice in favour of road transport becomes obvious. Road transport is the most affordable and effective way to deliver goods if you are looking for a quick and economically viable solution.

The company Baltic Express LV specializes in delivery of groupage cargo. Own car fleet and years of experience in logistics allow us always providing the best solutions to our customers. We debugged the system of delivery of groupage cargo and today we can surely say that it works immaculately. We know all the pitfalls the companies face for road transport. For example, all the nuances of the complex process of customs clearance, which we fully safeguard our clients from.

We are ready to provide you with our service at all stages of delivery of groupage cargo by road, as well as reports on the movement of cars with your goods in real time, which is possible only in the case of work without intermediaries.

More than 5000 customers have already appreciated our regular service of delivery of cargo. Thus, we can provide daily delivery of goods in the Baltic States, in Europe – weekly delivery, both for import and export. You can learn more about the routes here.

Our services for the delivery of goods by road include: 

  • own service at all stages of the delivery „from door to door”
  • delivery of groupage cargo and full cars for export and import
  • transportation of outsize and hazardous freight, as well as products of animal origin
  • modern car fleet equipped with GPS, with the possibility of direct communication with drivers and tracking the movement of cars
  • own convenient warehouse in Riga and warehouses for cargo consolidation across Europe
  • excellent customer service – we will be in touch with you as long as our cars with your cargo is in transit.

Our experts will provide you with any information and calculate for you the cost of transportation as soon as possible. 


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