The Best Offers of Groupage Cargo Transportation by Sea

Sea shipping is the cheapest way to deliver the goods all over the world. This type of transport is particularly in demand while transporting the cargo of large volume and tonnage of cargo to different continents.

Today logistics is becoming more global and requires integrated approaches and solutions. That is why the sea shipping perfectly complements our main area of activity – the delivery of goods by road. 

The company Baltic Express LV is ready to provide you with the delivery of full containers (FCL) and groupage cargo (LCL) by sea.

Our warehouse in Riga, as well as the partner warehouses in the Baltic States and across Europe allows us storing goods for its shipment to in prefabricated containers. The presence of contracts with many shipping lines and partners around the world makes it possible to always select the optimal delivery model, depending on the needs of our customers.

Our service of cargo shipping in maritime containers is differed with optimal price, effective communication with customers and always the best solution of delivery. Wherever is your shipment, our experts will choose the best sea line and will take all necessary actions for its loading and delivery to the door of your office or warehouse, combining it with the different types of transport.

Are you not satisfied with the price of maritime container shipping? Send your inquiry to us! We do not offer the lowest prices, but we promise the time-tested quality.  


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